Beginning August 25 2016, all adults 18 years and older applying for an unpaid position as a volunteer responsible for the welfare of a child and having direct contact with children, must have clearances that include:

PA Child Abuse History clearance (fee waived for volunteers after July 24)

PA State Police Criminal Records Check (fee waived for volunteers after July 24)

An FBI Criminal Background Check if you have
not been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for 10 years ($27.50)

  • Volunteers not requiring an FBI check, and have been a continuous resident of PA for the last ten years, must swear or affirm in writing that they have no other convictions that would disqualify them.
  • Clearances are required prior to the commencement of service.
  • Volunteers between the ages of 14-17 are NOT required to have clearances.  Adults (18 and up) who only volunteer one time, are NOT required to have clearances.
  • Any paid position 14 years order and is responsible for the welfare of a child or having direct contact with children MUST have clearances (REFEREES ARE CONSIDERED EMPLOYEES!)
  • EUC is required to keep records of all clearances so please provide these to the Secretary for our files.
  • EUC will pay for any required clearances as long as the volunteer is with the club for a minimum of one year.  Submit receipts to the board for reimbursement.  If the volunteer leaves the club early, they must reimburse the club for these clearances.
  • ALL adults (anyone age 18 and up having direct contact with children) are “mandatory reporters” and must report any suspected abuse.
  • Volunteers are not required to have child abuse training or certification, although it is recommended. 
  • The clearances are good for 60 months.  They are portable and may be used with other organizations.  If you did not pay for your clearances, they may not be used for employment.

At present, the Child Abuse History Clearance may take 14 days for volunteers.  The State Police records check is, or should be, instantaneous.  Please plan accordingly.


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Ebenezer Union Canal Soccer Club

Required Paperwork for Coaches

EPYSA Risk Management (to be filled out yearly)

Concussion Training - watch the video and take the test then print certificate and present to the CLUB secretary to be kept on file.  If you forget to print this certificate, you need to watch the video and take the test again.  There is a lot of good information on this site including a one page form for coaches to keep with them to be able to quickly evaluate a player and also a paper to hand out to the parents if you believe a player may have a concussion.


Useful Information

League Lightning Guidelines

​Coaches game report

(to be used for problems/complaints (please be professional) to be

submitted to Club Representative

USYSA required field sizes

Goal Safety (Everyone is required to check their goals before games and practices)